Who are we?

Pont de Querós is a company specialised in introducing plant fibres (wicker, willow, rattan, pith, chestnut, etc.) into different facets of our lives. We modernise and adapt them to today’s needs, so that they continue to be contemporary materials. This allows us to design natural, sustainable, green and functional solutions for town planning, architecture, landscaping and interior design projects.

Pont de Querós is the result of more than 30 years of artisanal work in the world of plant fibres, with technology, design, image, communication and education. We rediscover and reinterpret the values of a tradition, of artisanal techniques that today are innovative and allow us to research new ways of meeting the needs of modern life with a wide range of possibilities.

Design with plant fibres allows us to bring innovation and new concepts to their application in different types of projects. Our work is based on our knowledge of the resources and their properties, combined with the mysteries and logic of nature. Our materials offer new structural solutions for building highly contemporary forms with nature.

Wicker cultivation

We grow, care for, store and treat wicker and we therefore have a profound knowledge of our raw material from its very beginnings. We also have a selection of willows that can be adapted perfectly to the specific needs of each project.